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You will find here some selected links.

Mathematical Morphology


  • "Ligue Ile de France d'Aikido". You will find here a wonderful site dedicated to the practice of aikido around Paris, France. In particular, you will find the dojo addresses. Ho, be careful, I may be a bit partial to this site, as I am its webmaster ;-)

  • Aikisearch. You are looking for a dojo somewhere in the world. This page is for you.

  • Aikiweb. All what you ever wanted to know about Aikido.

  • The Aikido FAQ. An excellent complement to AikiWeb.

  • FFAB. Web of the French Aikido Federation (Aikikai).

  • Aikikai. Japanese Aikido Federation

  • AikidoOnline. Aikido Online reflects the teachings of perhaps the most prominent group of Aikido Shihan (master teachers) living outside Japan today. This group consists of the North American Shihankai Senseis, Yoshimitsu Yamada, Akira Tohei, T.K. Chiba, Mitsunari Kanai, Seiichi Sugano, Yukio Kawahara, Yutaka Kurita and Ichiro Shibata and Nobuyoshi Tamura in Europe.

  • Eurocal. Some European Aikido seminars.


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