Poster session

Yonathan AflaloTechnionSpectral Multidimensional ScalingPoster in pdf
Stefan von DeylenFU. BerlinAlmost flat simplices in Riemannian manilfoldsPoster in pdf
Anastasia DubrovinaTechnionSpectral GMDS - A Quasi-Linear Approach for Surface MatchingPoster in pdf
Emanuele RodolaTUMElastic Net Constraints for Shape MatchingPoster in pdf
Matan SelaTechnionIntrinsic Surface CaricaturizationPoster in pdf
Alon ShternTechnionLaplace-Beltrami Operator for Nonrigid Shape Comparison and CorrespondencePoster in pdf
Mikhail SkopenkovKAUSTRuled Laguerre Minimal SurfacesPoster in pdf
Thomas WindheuserTUMGeometrically Consistent Elastic Matching of 3D Shapes: A Linear Programming SolutionPoster in pdf