Image Analysis and Processing


This is the webpage for the course on Image Analysis and Processing.


The recommended book for this course is the Digital Image Processing book, by Gonzales and Woods. You can find it in the ESIEE library, or buy it in any bookshop.


The Programming session are under a subset of the Pink library, that we are developping at ESIEE. As one of the goals of these programming session is to develop your expertise in the C language, you do not need the whole library, but only a very limited subset, called PinkDev, that allows for very basic image operations such as reading and writing an image. You can download PinkDev by following the link. You then obtain a file name 'pinkdev.tgz'. This means this is a compressed tar file, you can extract the archive by running the following command line:

tar zxvf pinkdev.tgz

Then go inside the directory, open the README and read it. As stated in the README, you will find in the 'doc' directory a file called 'tutorialEnglish.html'. Open it, and read it.

You can now start doing some programming, and do the tutorials.



The slides are here.



The project


The project, called Complete Graph Averaging, is described here. A set of image is available here.


Your project will be managed using SVN. You have to create your repository using this link. You will have to save all the various versions of your code here. I will monitor the activity. If your project is submitted in its entirety in just one session, it is suspect. Save often, use the versionning system to highlight interesting releases.

You also have to submit a report describing the major difficulties you encountered,. This report will also provide a reading guide for your code (not a copy of your code), and of course, will answer the last question of the project with as many details as needed.